Le Couchon Primitivo IGP

In the ever green and beautiful south of Italy, surrounded by 860 km of untamed coast and stunning Lidos, we encountered the beautiful elongated province of "Puglia", renowned for its tropical climate and its very high light intensity.

Here, through the diversity of nature, coupled with the ever progressive drive of young well-trained winemakers we found a delicious "Primitivo". For years the grape led an unprecedented existence in southern Italy until the success of the "Zinfandel"... In the late 1990s, local winemakers transformed these wines into full-bodied, aromatic but delicious soft wines, lightly spiced and full of deep black fruit. The wine tradition in Aplulia goes back at least 4,000 years. Today through modern winemaking methods and continuous investment in know-how we can speak of high-quality wine which is bearing the fruit!

This deep red spirited wine smells intense with aromas of dark plum, blackcurrant and blackberry with sultry tobacco and sandalwood spice in the finale!

On the palate you find a nice round juiciness with fine ripe and sour flavours in the final finish. What a discovery!
Perfect to match with all meat dishes, rich pastas, delicious pizzas and ideal for musing away an evening with your best friends!


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