Le Couchon Pinot Grigio

In the ever green and beautiful south of Italy, surrounded by 860 km of untamed coast and stunning Lidos, we encountered the beautiful elongated province of "Puglia", renowned for its tropical climate and its very high light intensity.

Here, through the diversity of nature, coupled with the ever progressive drive of young well-trained winemakers we found an exquisite Pinot Grigio. A white grape variety that originated in France!

Wine based on the Pinot Grigio are excellent refreshing and ideal as an aperitif. It goes perfectly with all kinds of fine dishes such as summer salads, seafood, a vitello tonnato and so much more!
The flavours of green apple, kiwi, lime and ripe citrus fruits make this Pinot Grigio one of the most popular wines known in Italy. Blissfully rich in flavour with good texture and a fine linear finish. An absolute must that is sure to please.


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